Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my Australian visa application processed through AMS?

Due to wide differences in peoples circumstances and over 150 subclasses of visas in Australian migration law it is impractical to generalise the expense as each case requires a different amount of effort. Although, if you email AMS and provide the appropriate information we can specify a more precise estimate of the fees associated with your situation.

Why should I pay for Immigration consulting?

There are several self-assessment services on the Web providing an extremely general impression on whether a person is eligible to apply for an Australian visa. Simply, these facilities are not sophisticated enough to identify the intricacies of a particular case, which can have a substantial impact on the ultimate feasibility of a migration claim. Additionally, it is important to remember that the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship application fees are non-refundable even if your application is declined. Using a registered migration agent provides you with the best opportunity to gain a successful result.

Why should I choose an Australian Migration Agent instead of an agent based in my country of residence?

All practising agents in Australia have to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). This can only be achieved if the agent has proved to have a thorough understanding of Australian Immigration Law and visa regulation, a continuing participation in seminars and meetings, and possesses a high level of personal integrity.

Additionally, all Australian registered migration agents are forced to abide by a strict code of conduct established by MARA and will automatically receive the latest information and changes to the Australian Migration law and visa regulations directly from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. In most other countries there are no registration requirements for migration agents.

Furthermore, with modern communication technology, distance does not present as much of a problem and does not hinder our ability to provide the services you require.

Was moving to Australia worth it for you?

The decision was tough. Relocating from India to Australia was a huge step for our family. The choice required building a new life in a new country where we did not know anyone. Ultimately, I believe it was a great decision because of our children had greater opportunities to grow and we all gained from a lifestyle that is more stable and secure. In addition, our entire family benefited from the standard of living, healthcare, cleanliness, safety, political stability, and stunning landscape.

Does it increase my chances of a successful Australian visa application if I have close relative/s living in Australia?

A close relative living in Australia can improve your chances of migration if you are requesting a skilled Australian visa.